Tattoos have, for many generations, been bold statements in color in skin. Whole bodies have been covered in the most spectacular designs that tattoo artists come dream up. Great works of art, drawn from the depths of the artist’s imagination have been brought to life on the canvas that is the epidermis.

Given the appeal and success of the tattoo artist in recent years, showcasing the incredible skills of some of the world’s most renowned artists, it has been had to see where they could go from where they are now.

Well, one suggestion is to move away from large scale, colorful and exotic art to a more minimalistic approach. In recent times tattoos have consisted of small, monochrome creations or single line drawings that curve and curl into easily distinguished shapes and pictures. Experimentation has also been done with combining two designs in one creating what has become known as the double exposure tattoo.

Techniques used in the world of painting have also been played with, so it is possible to see cubist creations as part of the tattoo artist’s repertoire. This venture into style and technique used by traditional artists is adding new dimensions to the world of the tattoo artist. The surrealist art of Dali has also made its mark as Tattoo artists expand their techniques into the world of surrealism

Geometric shapes, doubtless influenced by the tattoo styles of the Polynesian cultures, are also beginning to make their mark, so to speak. Combine these with a move towards more vibrant colors and there are countless variations that can be obtained by the tattoo enthusiast.

Which brings us nicely to the use of optical illusion. No doubt artists like Richard Anuszkiewicz, Peter Sedgley and, without doubt, M.C. Escher have had a profound influence upon the world of the tattoo artists. These days the same skills that brought strange and thought provoking images to the canvas are now doing the same for the tattoo. The ways in which this style of tattoo plays with the imaginations is simply stunning.

In addition, ambitious projects such as cityscapes are also making an appearance, making use of the open spaces of legs and arms to bring them alive. Drawn in simple black on white, these designs are spectacular in their complex simplicity.

However, none of these recent trends would be the talk of the tattoo world were it not for the artistic development in the genre. To make the most of these ground breaking skills and techniques demand that the talents of the tattoo artist continually improve. That means for those who are seeking the latest fashion in tattoos will have to do their homework and checkout who is capable of dealing with these new trends.

To do this requires some research. Investigation into who, what and where such tattoos can be obtained is all a part of the trade these days. If you want the best then it is important that you spend time on checking out the reputation of tattoo artists via their social media sites. The best artists will have a significant following on twitter and facebook, even possibly on Youtube, where their skills and expertise can be easily demonstrated in a video.

Not everyone will know or have access to the world’s best artists, but there are many great practitioners out there, all you need to do is take time to get to know the ones close to you. Visit them several times before actually having a tattoo done. Discuss your ideas and see what the artist can do. Ask questions, no self respecting artist will refuse to answer you. That way you will get a better feel for the project and the person who will be undertaking the assignment.

If you are looking for inspiration try the following website:

Filled with thousands of tattoo images and ideas, sketches, pictures and symbols, there is an endless array of possibilities. There is even a tattoo editor facility making it easy to manipulate and combine several different styles and ideas, creating a unique design that reflects the person you are.

Still need more inspiration? Checkout the gallery of pictures from other tattoo enthusiasts. See what and how they have had tattoos done. There is bound to be something to catch your eye, along with firsthand accounts of how and why the tattoo was done, a reassuring forum for those who may feel a little reluctant at taking that first step into tattoo art.

A word of warning though. The following are some of the do’s and do not’s of having a tattoo:


  • Take time to decide. Be sure that it really is what you want
  • Discuss your ideas with family, friends and the artist
  • Remember that a tattoo is for life. Having a tattoo changes the skin, even if you have it removed later.
  • Keep in mind that a complex design can take weeks to complete



  • Rush into a decision
  • Forget that there is always the danger of infection or allergic reaction. Get a small test tattoo to make sure before embarking upon a major project.
  • Drink to excess before having a tattoo, you might just regret it afterwards

One of the key benefits of this site is the ability to download a design you particularly like in a high definition format that can be printed and then shown to your own tattoo artist.

Using this facility means that you can show your chosen artist the design that you have in mind without the need for complex descriptions. Having seen what you have in mind, the artist will be able to discuss any limitations or issues that could arise from your choice.

If you are one of those people who like to include a favorite quotation, this site has a section on fonts and styles that will add something special to your chosen design. You will be able to experiment with different languages as well as the way it will look once it is on your skin.