You can find many types of creative tattoos that are unique and artistic all over the world. Many selection of unique tattoos are found mostly on the internet, most of it discusses about what are the most unique tattoo ideas around the world. You can find so many amazing tattoo art that can be perfect for your body.

Tattoos have always been popular even in ancient times. It is way of expressing a person’s outlook in life and on the world. The idea and the style or design of the tattoo has changed but the philosophy of a tattoo has remained since it began. It is one way of emphasizing your individuality.

Meaning or the symbolism of a tattoo has many different point of view. Some tattoos are very odd to look at but its meaning and symbolism has a deep secret to it, it makes it much more interesting.

For those who are looking for a unique tattoo, you can have a chance of becoming a part of this kind of art. There are many examples that can be found when it comes to a unique tattoo.

Here is a short list for those who are looking for an amazing unique tattoo.

Egyptian Tattoo Ideas

Ancient as it may sound, Egyptian culture has been very mysterious in many ways. It is very mystical, Egyptians symbols hold a lot of meaning in their culture, and one of the most popular tattoo designs that can be found on many people are symbols of Egyptian culture.

Examples of Egyptian tattoo ideas:

The Ankh

This symbol hold a meaning of life. It also symbolizes the Nile river which then was considered as a journey for a good life. It looks like a cross with a shape of an oblong on top of it. The Egyptians think of it as a symbol for immortality, life after death.


Today hieroglyphs are used as a design for tattoo, with its countless of unique meanings; historically or geographically, you are sure to have a special meaning. You can find many information about a hieroglyph in books and the internet. It is great for tattoos and it looks amazing.


Anubis is a God in Egyptian mythology, also known as the God of death. It has a human body and the head of a dog. This kind of design will look amazing when done on the back or chest.

The Udjat or The Eye

Not all eye tattoos are from Egyptian culture, but what makes this unique is its symbolism. It came from an Egyptian mythology where Horus lost his eye to the Egyptian god Set. It symbolizes protection and power.

Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas

One of the most popular symbols with its own special meaning. It is a symbol of Chinese culture. The symbol can show a connection of two opposite things (it can be good and evil, life and death).

These opposite notion can always be drawn to one another. It also has a meaning of balance and harmony to the energy that surrounds us.

This type of tattoo design is both suitable for men and women. Whether large or small it can still look good no matter where you put it on your body. With its numerous variations from traditional to modern designs its main idea of connection and balance is always the same.

Tongue Tattoo Ideas

Today, we see a lot of strange things or weird stuff around us. In this era crazy things are seen to blow our minds. One of the extraordinary things in the tattoo world is the tongue tattoo. It might look crazy but it is very popular today and can be found in many parts of America.

There are no particular designs, you can choose different designs of tattoo whether a skull, star, or simply a flower that can cover your tongue with ink.

Talking about pain. Yes it is very painful. It is one of the most painful process of getting a tattoo. Yet there are some that are willing to take the risk just to experience or have this kind of tattoo in their lives.