One of the most artistic languages in the world is the Chinese language. Not because of the way it is spoken but because of the way it is written. The Chinese language is made up of sets of pictographs that convey a deep sense of meaning. The very act of writing them, putting them together on paper is an act of creativity. One does not have to know what they mean to appreciate artists movement as he places each part of the pictograph on paper.

The Chinese language is a gift to the tattoo artist. It is easy to copy and simply to apply. There are no required color combinations and each pictograph can be built up in simple stages. As each pictograph represents a word rather than a letter, it is often the case that fewer are needed to express the same thought.

In recent times it has become popular, certainly amongst western societies, to have favorite words or phrases translated into Chinese and then applied as a tattoo to a chosen part of the body. Often times the wording will represent some form of uplifting or inspiring phraseology, chosen by the individual to help them to focus on some act that is designed to improve their quality of life.

Occasionally they can be more frivolous, especially if the wearer has no understanding of what the Chinese characters translate to. For this reason it is worth making sure that you know which Chinese pictographs to choose and what order they need to be placed in.

Also common, and from a Chinese cultural background, is the dragon. Dragons symbolize power, strength and good fortune. For this reason, and the fact that they can be an artist’s dream come true, they have been a key feature in many popular tattoos seen today.

The snake like dragon lends itself nicely to the art of the tattoo as it can be drawn curving and curling around several parts of the body, they whole only being fully revealed when the wearer is fully naked. This gives the tattoo a sensual dimension that is not available to the pictograph, though where the pictograph is located may well have some baring on that.

The real artistic value of the dragon lies in its mythology. There is no specific way that a dragon has to be drawn and, since it can represent many different things, there are no limits, save the extent of the imagination, on what it should look like. Add to this the fact that they can be drawn in any combination of colors and it becomes easy to see how a really creative tattoo artist could have a field day creating one for his customer.

The key difference in choosing the pictograph over the dragon is one of subtlety. Pictographs can be small and discrete, known only to the wearer and those close enough to be let into their secret.

The dragon, on the other hand, is a bold statement and, while those designed to cover large areas of the body may be mostly covered up, they are usually designed so that at least one portion, usually the head, is visible at all times.

If you are considering having a dragon tattoo there are some things that you ought to consider before hand:

  • They can often be complex works of art and may take several weeks or months to complete
  • Covering large areas of the body in a tattoo can be uncomfortable
  • There is always the risk of infection or allergic reaction
  • Colors can fade over time, what appear rich today may need to be touched up in the future
  • They are designed to be a permanent feature and should not be done on a whim
  • Careful consideration of the reasons for choosing this design should be undertaken

While Chinese pictographs are relatively straight forward and can be applied by a reasonable accomplished artist, the dragon is something that should really be applied by an artist of great skill. For this reason it is always a good  idea to get to know who your tattoo artist is before embarking on the work.

Those that are experts in their field often have a large following on social media sites so check these out for both good and bad comments. Frequently they will have a gallery of work that they have undertaken showing the widest possible range of the skills they possess, check these out too.

Never forget that a tattoo is also a statement of who you are. The last thing that you would want is something that is some way off perfect.

The following site is one that is well worth checking out:

This site offers many inspirational variations. It covers a wider variety of designs, stencils, colors and pictures for you to browse. The pictures are usually from those who have had a tattoo done and want to show it off to others and get some feedback.

The designs and stencils, on the other hand, can be down loaded in high definition. The advantage being that you can take your chosen design to your own tattoo artist and get them to do the work.

The galleries on the site contain thousands of design ideas so  it is worth putting aside plenty of time to look through them. Searching for specific subject designs is facilitated by a comprehensive search option, making it easy to focus on the specific type of tattoo that interests you.

It also gives you access to an online tattoo community where the discussions around design and application are both informative and encouraging. It is a great place to share thoughts and ideas both before and after the tattoo has been applied.

Choosing to have a tattoo is an important issue. Be sure that it is what your really want and then take time to get it right. A carefully chosen tattoo is a work of art, a masterpiece, one that will stay with you forever, so make it a good one and something to be proud of.