Many people who chose to have a tattoo often choose a quotation that has some meaning for them. Even those that elect to have an image as part of the artwork often choose to have a banner attached that will contain a quote or favorite saying. Such quotes are often written as if by a calligraphy pen, the letters carefully formed in a style reminiscent of early medieval lettering.

The reason is plain to see, there is an aesthetic value attached to such work, a connection made to another time or place. This connection becomes all the more identifiable if the wording is written on one of the classic romantic languages such as old French or Italian. Better still if it is written in Latin.

Frequently the message will be one of inspiration, such as carpe diem, seize the day, or the Latin phrase from the one dollar bill – Annuit Coeptis, He favors the attempts. We like to be reminded of things that we ought to be doing while we have the time and the will to do them.

There is no limit to the length of a quotation or saying, that all depends on the location upon the body where the tattoo is to reside. All that the wearer needs to decide is the style, the background (if any) and the colors that will come into play when the artist begins his work.

Names often form a part of the design and this is where a note of caution needs to be sounded. Choosing to include the name of a loved one may appear to be romantic at the time, but if the relationship fails, getting it removed can have dire consequences. Including the names of children is a different matter because they will always be the child of the wearer and mothers are amongst the majority of those that see this as  a popular choice.

Of course, it should go without saying that, it is important to ensure that whatever quote or saying has been chosen, the spelling is checked and confirmed before the artist begins his work. You cannot rely on the artist always knowing how to spell your choice of words.

This brings us to some things to think about:

  • Remember that a tattoo is for life, be sure that it is what you want
  • The more complex the design, the more time the artist will need to complete it
  • Some tattoos can be uncomfortable during creation, especially if located on a sensitive part of the body
  • There is an ever present risk of infection or allergic reaction
  • Ink colors can, and do, fade over time so a touch up may be required
  • The love of your life may not be the love for all of your life
  • Be sure that, whatever style of calligraphy being employed, every word is correctly spelt
  • Select an artist that has a good reputation, checking his or her social media rating will often indicate the best ones around

It is always a good idea to be able to see the kind of result that your idea will have once it is in location. For this reason it is worth seeing the way others have approached similar ideas. A visit to a tattoo studio will go some way to doing this. That is why the following website will be of some use to you:

Here is a website designed for the tattoo enthusiast. Besides having galleries that contain thousands of designs and stencils, it has more than a hundred different font styles and a tattoo lettering  creator so you can get a clear idea what the wording will look like before it is applied to the skin.

In addition, the images and lettering come in high density downloads so that you can select and print off the one that you prefer and hand it to your own artist to do the work. They say a picture paints a thousand word, in this case the image and lettering you choose will be better described if you have an example of what you want to show to your artist.

Another great thing about this site is the plentiful supply of pictures and comments from others who have had a tattoo done. Being able to share your thoughts and concerns with others in a similar situation goes a long way to clarifying your own ideas before ever stepping into a tattoo studio. Getting advice from those who have been through a situation before is always a good idea.

The things we chose to wear are a statement to those about us. Our clothes, hair style and yes, our tattoos, tell others the way we feel about ourselves, how we want to be understood by the world about us. Making informed, researched, decisions about the style, color, location and aesthetics of the tattoo we choose to wear is no less different. Time spent carefully examining the various possibilities on offer will reap rewards later in life.

Being able to ask questions directed towards the person who will be injecting the ink beneath the tope few layers of your epidermis has to be a must. With this site there is the facility to ask the artists questions, get them to explain designs and application, offer their own suggestions and recommendation, all at the push of a button. Seeing what other concerns potential clients have had could go some way to clarifying your own point of view.

The tools that this website make available to those who sign up to it make the creation of a tattoo both a work of art and a unique display. You can create the tattoo design that best suits your personality and be sure that you have got the whole image just right before you sit in the chair to begin your transformation. Having the ability to alter, reshape, stretch, shrink, enlarge or flip an image offers another dimension to the creative insight that you bring to the tattoo design and, because it is you that is manipulating the picture, you can be certain that it is going to be unique.