Flowers have been an inspiration to artists for generations. One only has to look at the works of Manet, Monet and Van Gogh to see how the great artists have used flowers in their compositions. Flowers have meaning.

Most people know that the red rose symbolizes love, but the yellow rose is accepted by many as the symbol of friendship, while the trumpet lily has been used in Christian circles to represent the resurrection of Jesus. As such they have been associated with idea of holiness, faith and purity.

Throughout history, flowers have been chosen represent or symbolize thoughts, ideas and even cultures. The white and red roses came to represent the Houses of York and Lancaster during the medieval Wars of the Roses and it was no mistake that Henry VII continued the theme when he combined both to form the symbolic Tudor rose, the uniting of two great houses in one.

The flower of the pomegranate was also symbolic. It represented, along with its fruit, the notion of eternal life and abundance. It was chosen by the Sassanid Kings of Persia as the emblem around which their armies would gather and, to this day, still carry the notion of representing a time of plenty.

Flowers are a gift for artists because they have so many varied uses. They can form the main subject of the art work, such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, or, if required, can be the framework that surrounds other key subjects. As such they contribute to border decoration and background substance.

Fragonard’s Happy Lovers, for example, are brought more to the front because they are surrounded by trees and flowers. Likewise, Sidney Harold Meteyard’s Lady of Shalott suffers her fate in the presence of flowers.

They have no less a meaning in the hands of the tattoo artist. After all, they are using image and color to create something of beauty too. The only significant differences are the materials they choose to use and the medium upon which the finished work is to be displayed.

The motivation too. may be different. While those who would commission a painting on canvas may have a desire to advertise their wealth, standing or position to others, the person seeking a tattoo does so for more personal reasons.

It is the desire to express deeper feelings that often is the driving force behind those who choose to have a flower tattoo. Yes, there is certainly the attraction of having something beautiful applied to the skin, but it does not have to be flowers.

Choosing flowers, especially as something more than a border decoration, is usually associated with some deep emotional attachment. The most frequent choice being the rose.

That said, one of the key benefits of choosing a flower tattoo is the vast array of choice that the client has on offer, from the lowly forget-me-not to the exuberant, forceful sunflower. What you choose to have will reflect who you are at that moment in time.

This is something to keep in mind when deciding on whether to have a tattoo or not. Below is a list of things to consider:

  • Tattoos are permanent – even if they are removed the skin will never be the same after
  • They do take time to complete, especially the more complex design
  • Every tattoo you choose is a reflection of your state of mind at the time
  • Some colors will fade over time
  • There is always the chance of infection or allergic reaction
  • The reason you choose to have one should be carefully considered

If you do decide to have a tattoo then the best advice would be to seek out those that are good at what they do. With that in mind, the following website is worth looking at in some detail:

What you will discover are catalogues of artwork, stencils, colors and pictures that will inspire your choice. You will be able to browse popular designs, create your own and view those that have been created by others, at the same time read the comments that others have left. You can share your concerns and inspirations with others and get feedback from both artists and clients before you ever set foot in a studio.

A significant benefit of this site is the ability to download a design in high resolution that you can then take to your own tattoo artist and get them to do the work for you. The advantage of this should be obvious, it will allow the artist the opportunity of seeing exactly what it is you have in mind.

On the subject of tattoo artists, it is worth taking the time to get to know yours well before letting him put ink to skin. It is not hard to find a really good artist, most often they will have a vibrant following on social media, so check it out.

Also, visit the premises more than once before getting the work done. Discuss with the artist what exactly it is that you want done. If there are likely to be an issues with your chosen design this is when they will come to light.

Remember, a good artist knows his stuff and will be happy to talk through your ideas. Use them as a resource in just the same way you might use any other source of information.

If you do choose to have a flower motif then don’t be afraid to be creative. Try combining different flowers to reflect the meaning. An example of the this would be combining an orchid with a dog (or hedge) rose. The one is rare while the other is common.

You can decide why anyone would choose that combination but it does illustrate the variety that can be gained by allowing your imagination free rein.

Keep in mind that a tattoo is a reflection of your own personality, your sense of style and even fashion. What you choose will tell others a lot about the person you are. Choose well and enjoy.