Complex and detailed tattoo designs take time. It could be months before the finished design is ready to be unveiled to the world. Throughout the process the level of discomfort may be considerable. For those who have neither the time to wait nor the inclination to put themselves through long periods of pain, there is an answer.

Why not consider an easy to do tattoo design. At present there is a growing fan base for the minimalist approach. Simple designs in a single color that can be completed in a hours or minutes. Line drawings can take on any image that the tattooist desires simply by the way that he combines the curves and curls of the single line.

Want to be provocative or thought provoking? Why not get a question mark tattoo. Strategically placed upon the body, it can become something of a talking point.

Bows, flowers, simple geometric designs and individual letters have all been used as personal tattoos. Sometimes it is not about the tattoo itself, but about where it is located on the body.

Some tattoos that are of a more personal nature may well be placed in more selective locations where they will be covered up, only to be revealed by a few, select individuals. Others, like the ubiquitous LOVE and HATE tattooed onto the knuckles of each hand, are designed to both be visible and send a message.

Simple designs can be combined to create a subtle statement to be understood by only the wearer and those who are let into the secret of the meaning. As an example, consider the tattoo of a balloon with the legend let it go written beneath.

What could that mean? On the face of it there is no meaning beyond letting a balloon fly off. However, it could also symbolize the desire to let troubles and worries go, or maybe it is a failed relationship. Who knows?

The beauty of easy to do tattoos is that they can be almost anything and mean almost anything. In a world where tattoos are becoming ever more popular, the easy to do tattoo is one way of being a part of the culture without necessarily having to embark on a massive commitment of time, effort and energy.

Who has not seen the symbol of infinity tattooed on finger, hand, arm or even shoulder. A simply design that would take seconds to do, yet it carries with it a raft of meanings that others could only guess at. Why not consider having the planets of the solar system tattooed on the arm; a series of small, elegant representations organized by size and shape.

Animals, plants, buildings, mythological creatures, all of these have been created in simple, easy to do tattoos, some no bigger than a small coin. the key being the skill of the artist at rendering detail in small images.

There are as many images that can be easy to do as there are people who want to have them. All that is required is a good imagination and a little research into finding what is available. The following website is one worth checking out:

There are thousands of images and illustrations to browse. There is even a tattoo design creation facility that will allow you to edit as well as design your own tattoo. The galleries on the site provide regular updated illustrations in glorious full color and there is a stencil section too.

If you are not sure about a tattoo then why not browse what others have had to say about their own tattoo. There is a vibrant social section that allows enthusiasts to show pictures of their own tattoos and share their stories. There you will find information and support that will walk you through the process of seeing, deciding and having a tattoo.

Should there be questions that the enthusiasts cannot answer, then there is always the ‘ask the artist’ section where you can post questions and queries and the artists in residence will do their best to answer them for you. You will be tapping into a wealth of experience and knowledge.

As with many body changing procedures, there are things to consider before having a tattoo. Listed below are a few for your consideration:

Think carefully before deciding to have a tattoo. There are designed to be permanent and, even if they are removed, the area of skin will be changed forever.

Don’t be rushed into making a decision. Remember, this is your body and you ought to feel at ease about what is being done to it.

Never forget that needles will be piercing the skin, allowing the possibility of infection and/or allergic reaction.

Some colors will fade over time, so be prepared for the possibility of needing a top up in the years to come.

That said, the best way to be certain about your choice is to get to know your tattoo artist well. Visit his or her studio regularly and discuss your ideas before having the work done. Selecting a reputable artist will not only put your mind at east, it will reassure you about the procedure.

You will get to see the level of talent as well as having your questions answered. Really good artists often have a following on social media so check out their twitter feeds and facebook entries. They may even have YouTube videos that you can watch and gather information from.  The key here is to take time.

One more point about the recommended website. Should you wish you can download high resolution images so that they can be taken to an artist of your choosing.

It allows you to show them what you have in mind and saves on all the difficulties of having to describe what you might have only in your mind.The say a picture paints a thousand words, when it comes to having a tattoo it can also save on the possibility of getting the wrong design.