Butterflies are beautiful creatures, but they do not always start that way. To become the winged, ethereal beauties that they are requires transformation. This is one of the many meanings behind the symbolism of the butterfly.

The idea that a person can transform themselves and become something more than they were is one of the reasons people choose to have a butterfly tattooed on some part of their body.

Just as the butterfly, newly emerging into the world, unfurling its wings and taking to the sky in the ultimate act of freedom, many of those who choose a butterfly tattoo see their lives in the same way.

The butterfly is transformed from being a mere insect to being a symbol of freedom. That it is strikingly beautiful is a bonus, its vibrant colors, and unique markings, gossamer vulnerability connect the wearer with the world that they want to inhabit.

That world may be one of fantasy, an escape from the reality of the world actually lived. Nevertheless it remains a symbol of what can be achieved, something to be aspired to, a goal to attain.

Should all this not come to pass, the butterfly tattoo remains a wonderful work of art, unique in its location, its composition and its purpose.

Another meaning associated with the butterfly is the notion of unfurling. As the butterfly, newly emerged, spreads its wings to dry in the warmth of the sun prior to taking flight, so the wearer of the butterfly tattoo can see themselves unfurling their own talents.

Just as the butterfly displays its shape and color to the world, the butterfly tattoo encourages the wearer to display their own talent and learning to a waiting world, to take courage and to fly, sometimes in the face of adversity.

The butterfly is a symbol of inspiration, of struggle and ultimately success. It is a reminder that every moment of hardship is a step towards a future filled with light, beauty and achievement.

It is a reminder that, no matter how difficult life becomes, there is always a better horizon to be explored provided that we do not give up on ourselves and the abilities that we possess, no matter how small or limited those abilities may appear to others.

Taking such a symbol and having it transformed through the skilful hands of a renowned artist in to a unique design is, inĀ  itself, an achievement. Choosing the right artist is as important as choosing the right design.

For that reason it is worth doing your homework before committing to any one studio. Complex tattoos can take weeks to complete and, like the butterfly, take time to truly reveal themselves, therefore it is important that you have confidence in the person that will be inserting the inks into your epidermis.

Below I have listed a few do’s and don’ts of tattooing:


  • Research the artist
  • Take your time
  • Search a wide variety of ideas and designs
  • Think carefully about where you want to have the tattoo placed
  • Ask questions – as many as you feel you need to


  • Rush into a decision
  • Decide to get a tattoo after drinking
  • Consider it a temporary thing – tattoos will change the skin even if they are removed
  • Be persuaded by others – checkout their choices by all means but make your own decision

Some tattoo artists are masters of their craft, they are often easy to identify because they have a large following, usually people who have had work done by them and passed on their recommendation by word of mouth.

These days you are likely to find that they also feature prominently social media sites like twitter and facebook. This is a good way to find out what other people think. Checkout their website too, often there will be feedback comments that you can access.

Get to know your tattoo artist before getting the tattoo done. Take the time to discuss your ideas with your artist, let him know what you have in mind and listen to his advice. Together you will be able to create a butterfly design that is not only a thing of beauty, but is unique to you, an unfurling of your own creativity, fashioned by the hands of an expert.

As a starting point visit the following website: TattooMeNow.com

As an instrument of inspiration there are few sites better. Not only does it have a gallery of designs that can be viewed, downloaded and printed, but it offers options for design, background, color filling and stencils. You can download what you want in high resolution and take that to your own artist to replicate.

Already have a tattoo? This site has a forum for those who want to share their own tattoos with others. The site contains a gallery of pictures from people who are proud of the tattoos they have, whether these are their own unique design or one that has been chosen from the site.

Taken all together, the site is a cornucopia of ideas and inspiration for you to explore. Time spent on this site will provide you with all the tools necessary for choosing the tattoo that best suits your personality, and this is important.

Remember, a tattoo is an extension of you. It is a fashion statement, a declaration to the world of who you are. Make the right choice and you will have something exceptional that will last a lifetime.

For those considering a tattoo for the first time, please remember;

  • Tattoos are not for everyone
  • There is a risk of infection or allergic reaction
  • It takes time to complete a tattoo, especially complex ones
  • Colors can fade with time
  • Tattoos are for life – even having them removed will leave a mark

Discuss all of your concerns with your artist in advance of having any work done. Good artists will be more than happy to talk over the procedure and address your reservations.