Best Tattoo Designs

If it is your first time in getting a tattoo, you will have a big decision with the right tattoo design to choose before getting inked.

Tattoos are cool to look at and with so many designs of art you can get a lot of thoughts into choosing the best design that suites your taste without having the regret of getting a tattoo. Removal is possible but it is very expensive, painful and is not always effective; thus, it is best to make the right choice in choosing the right tattoo for you to avoid regrets later.

If you have made up your mind in getting the right tattoo design, there are several important things to think of before getting inked. A tattoo is like an investment, and should be decided carefully if you want one or not.

Your first decision is finding an artist that gives a reasonable price and does amazing work in your personal style or his own style of art. Doing research on the artist is the best thing to do. You should know the artist before letting him or her put permanent ink on your skin.

Ask some people who know some good tattoo artist or visit the tattoo artist web sites to get some ideas on choosing the best artist that will be right for your style.

The next thing you should consider is the place where you want your tattoo. Is it something you want the world to see, easy to cover or reveal, or something that is more personal that only you can see? The canvas will be your body, that is why it is important to choose the right spot of your skin for the tattoo.

If you want to have a small tattoo, your biceps or the forearm are the best spot to show off your tattoo. Your back is well suited for tattoo pieces that are larger. It depends on your decision on where you want to put your tattoo.

One more thing to consider is that whether you are getting your first tattoo or not the nerves on your skin can give you a painful experience in getting inked. Anywhere in the body where the skin is thin (feet, clavicle, or hands) you will experience some great sensitivity of pain.

Many parts of the skin where there are an abundance of nerves run close to the surface of the skin which will make tattooing more painful.

It is vital to pick a tattoo design that is meaningful and pleasing for your style pertaining to its color scheme. If you are not sure of what kind of design you would like, make sure that you are inspired of what design you want whether you have seen it in an art gallery, art mythology books, other cultures of art in tattoo, or simply your own mathematical book. Inspiration can be everywhere.

Having the specific design

Tribal tattoo

Originated from thousands of years ago, tribal tattoos are still being used by many other cultures around the world. Tribal tattoos came from areas such as Samoa and Hawaii. Its characteristics include black lines with geometric designs.

Any kind of design can be transformed into a tribal touch by a very skilled tattoo artist. With the flexibility of a tribal tattoo designs, anyone can come up with their own unique tribal tattoo.

Originally, tribal tattoos have meaning which is used as protection from evil spirits and demonic possessions in other cultures, some tribal tattoos are also used as indicators of social status, talents, faith, or skill.

There are some people who are willing to travel thousands of miles just to visit a real master of tribal tattoos. If you cannot afford to travel that far, one thing you can do is to learn the different types of tribal tattoos before getting inked.

Types of tribal tattoos:

  • Maori – this is a name of a native tribe in New Zealand. Its features are spirals and spikes with stylized make faces and female lips. Traditionally, it is made by using a bone of albino, but today modern artist use sophisticated techniques rather than traditional.
  • Hawaiian tribal tattoos – used thousands of years ago by the Hawaiian culture, this kind of tattoo is also called as ‘kakua’. Ancient Hawaiians used soot and ash to make the ink that is used to decorate their entire body with its permanent artwork.

Celtic tattoos

This kind of design is quite a popular choice today. The design and shape has its distinct meaning. The circles represent eternity or unity, reincarnation, in other words a cycle of life and rebirth.

Triangles represents earth, sea, and sky. Squares are a symbol of protection from evil influences. Animals and men symbols represent relationships or the bond between man and nature. Celtic tattoos are seen among Celtic warriors.

Records about the Celts are quite limited, the tattoos are interpreted by archaeologist and scholars who have studied these kinds of symbols. Be sure to seek advice from a tattoo artist when you pick a Celtic tattoo style that would best suit your personality.

Cross tattoos

One of the oldest types of designs is cross tattoos, yet they look amazing with its different kinds of designs. It is still very popular for those who are looking for their first tattoo. There many types of designs that can be found in their unique way. One of them are:

  • Celtic cross
  • Iron cross
  • Gothic cross
  • Christian cross
  • 3D tattoos

When you choose a cross tattoo for your religious belief or not, you should consider finding the meaning of the tattoo. It might mean fertility and life, but there are some cross tattoos that symbolize death and Resurrection.

Dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos are quite famous in all parts of the world, especially in Japan. In Japan, dragons are an important part of Japanese mythology, which there are many types of dragon that symbolizes power, protection, and long life.

This type of tattoo comes in many different shapes, sizes and styles, but all have one thing in common. It’s popular to both men and women and designed to be spiritual, to show a message of compassion and intelligence. It also shows beauty, yet it can also symbolize strength.

Dragon tattoos or dragon art generally don’t convey a common meaning, yet dragons originated from different kinds of cultures, and each culture has its own unique meanings and characteristics of a dragon.

Skull tattoos

Skull tattoos have turned out to be significantly more acknowledged in today’s society. Regardless of the outcomes of what some may think, skull tattoo is truly for a person with a bad ass personality. Custom tattoo workmanship in the present day shows many types of skull tattoos around big cities.

The significance of skull tattoos is broadly examined, but actually these skull tattoo designs can be used for showing various individual understandings. The general meaning of a skull is death and loss.

For some they may develop a horrible or terrifying symbolism, however for some they show humor. They can portray death experience as well as your perseverance from surviving a near death accident or a serious illness.

A skull tattoo can represent a constant reminder to live life at its fullest in light of the fact that he/she at last would leave this world. Henceforth, it is shown that there is no specific meaning of skull tattoos and anyone can have their own meaning.

3D tattoos

3D or three dimensional is the new trend in tattoos, as it gives a stunning visual look to them and includes a graphical touch. There is a big difference between 3D tattoos and a normal tattoo, and the 3D impact can give a new look to the tattoo styles.

However the final results of a 3D tattoo rely on the ability of the tattoo artist, as it requires an incredible level of expertise and a great deal of practice for the sake of the art itself. Unlike a normal tattoo, 3D tattoos have undergone a great deal of changes as it have been improved by modern technology.

3D tattoos are unlike any normal tattoo, it differs from the rest as it has a realistic look which other tattoos don’t have. These tattoos have attracted many people because of its details and amazing artwork.

3D tattoos look great in all parts of the body, whether in the back, chest, shoulders, arm, legs, e.t.c. These types of tattoos may look appealing but it can also look scary, such as those that has a design of skulls, insects, demons, etc.

If you love tattoo art and want something that is quite unique, then 3D tattoos are best suitable for your interest.

Tattoo lettering design

Name tattoos or simply just characters are one way of getting a unique art onto your skin. You can get a lettering tattoo design just about any word or letters you want, just make sure you get the proper research in order for you to get the best suitable letters or tattoo fonts for your skin. It is a serious art in which you should get the right font or style that best suit you.

The size of the letter is important and so is your font style. You can generate or find many types of font just by using your own computer, or you can find amazing font styles on the internet.

Finding the right font style and combining them with your tattoo design is very easy when using the computer. After you made your own tattoo design using your preferred font style, you can print it and show it to your tattoo artist for good advice. This is an important part in deciding the design, this will help your tattoo artist to craft your own unique design.

One of the most popular aspects in tattoo designs is lettering itself. There are thousands of fonts that can be found on the internet or simply you can add your own style you would like.

Factors to consider when choosing your tattoo lettering design:

  • Style of lettering
  • Font style
  • Outline of the words that will contribute to the design
  • Shadowing of the letters or colors
  • The message you are trying to convey

Types of lettering tattoos:

  • Memorial tattoo who has passed away
  • Birth date
  • Favorite quote
  • Proverbs
  • Names
  • Personal anniversaries or celebrations

Types of fonts:

  • Gothic
  • Swirls
  • Block
  • Cursive
  • Graffiti

You can find common lettering tattoos in many languages, not just in English, just make sure to find the right meaning or else you might regret it. It is not uncommon to see tattoos in various languages just like Chinese, Arabic, or Roman.

Sleeve tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are quite attractive, it makes a guy look more masculine, also it will attract all sorts of people.

For some it will boost your appeal, but not everyone can appreciate a good tattoo, the good news is you can conceal it just by wearing a t-shirt you can still maintain the tattoo that symbolizes your personality or something that is important to you.

There many types of sleeve tattoos, whether it might be a full sleeve tattoo or a half sleeve. Sleeve tattoos are often planned, and sometimes it will lead to a result where one can get another tattoo for their sleeve and so on. Based on research tattoos are addicting.

There are countless tattoo designs that you can find. Whether it might be a large tattoo or a small one, full color or simply black and gray tattoos, tribal, traditional, realistic, dragons, skulls, stars, snakes, eagles and angels.

There are endless options for you to choose, but it is always nice to know that you have something to choose from, rather than being caught up with an endless options that will run through your head and it will lead to hard decisions in choosing a design that suits your taste.

Once you have decided on which tattoo design you would prefer, you can stop thinking about getting other designs and start choosing the right one.